Project Support To Customers

Hybrid Commercial Vehicle Control Harness Design & Manufacturing

Control Harness for Hybrid Commercial vehicles.

Design & Manufacturing of Motor Controller Harness For Electric Vehicle Conversion - Passenger Cars

Design of Chassis For Electric Vehicle - 2 wheelers & 3 wheelers

Electric 2 Wheeler & 3 Wheeler Electrical System Design Based On Vehicle Specifications.

Electronic Controller (ECU) Housing, Digital Clock Housing For Automobile.

Vehicle Communication Interfaces Module Connectors

Thermo Amplifier Module for Controlling Cabin Temperature in Vehicle

Rain Water Purifier Using Filtration

ACE Head Lamps (Plastic)

Headlamp design for Super ACE commercial vehicles

Electrical Wire Harness Design

Benchmarking for electrical wiring harness, component selection, circuit & schematics of various applications, 3D modeling of connectors, 3D routing, 2D drawing of harness, BOM, wire harness packaging.

Grommets (Rubber)

3D to 2D drawing creation for X0 & X1 vehicles.

Battery Base & Cover Design

Design high voltage battery terminal protection covers.

HV Cable Grommet with Adaptor Plate

Design wiring harness HV cable grommet & metal plate

E-Rickshaw Electrical Design Solution